Language Lab

The English Language Lab

The English language Lab was established in 2013 and has been used to facilitate classroom engagement and interaction via computer-based exercises and activities to maximize proficiency in language components (vocabulary and pronunciation) and in language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).

The English Language lab at Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College provides a diverse experience from the conventional system of teaching and learning English language communication skills and offers advanced features such as authentic recorded materials, spoken by different native speakers, that expose the students to the near–ideal pronunciation of native speakers.

Orthophonic devices are used to augment language competence through course materials such as pronunciation drills, grammar exercises, and listening tasks. The English language lab has a facility for 20 users and provides course materials. The facilities of the Language Lab were used extensively by General English students for training as part of their course “Communication Skills in English” which had an Oral Test component. Students were trained on developing their listening and speaking skills with special sessions that focused on pronunciation and communication competence. A blended methodology of language teaching is adopted in the language lab with the teacher explaining the language concepts, guiding the students through the different modules, and then the students proceeding to practice them individually at their computer systems in the lab.


Thus the students learn more comprehensively through the use of the English language lab as it caters to the following objectives in the teaching-learning experience:

Facilitated Self-Learning: The learning is teacher assisted at the outset with the teacher introducing the course materials and then it proceeds to self-guided independent learning where the students can individually focus and practice on language skills that they are less proficient in.

Complimentary Learning: The English language lab allows students to reinforce the subject modules learned during their classroom lectures and practice the tasks/exercises proactively through interactive activities.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Teachers get to monitor student lab activities and receive instant reports on their performance in tasks/exercises which can be utilized to customize the teaching and learning activities to maximize language competence in the lab and in the classroom.


  • 1.  To equip the students with good communication skills.
  • 2.  To emphasize the need for English in the technical world.
  • 3.  To prepare them for interviews and future job environments.
  • 4.  To train the students in the art of conversation and discussion. 

Major Benefits of our Language Lab

  • 1.  Auditory Oriented: Direct sound transmission helps the students to follow the teacher’s instructions with clarity and ease.
  • 2.  Comprehensive: The Lab increases the pace of comprehension as students’ coaching is purely based on the level of study.
  • 3.  Effective learning: The lab provides to learn foreign language practice in a focused setting that eliminates feelings of self-consciousness.
  • 4.  Focussed Guidance: It is easy to guide the groups by monitoring each student independently without disturbing the others students.
  • 5.  Scope for self-evaluation: The students can do a periodical self-evaluation to measure their progress as well as evaluate their language skills with that of the expert.
  • 6.  Independent learning: Access to resources beyond the timetable encourages independent learning.
  • 7.  Overcome the fear: The automated learning environment removes one’s fear and creates a happy learning situation.
  • 8.  Medium of interactivity: The students can record their own voice and play back the recordings, interact with each other and the teacher, and store the results.