Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre

Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College, Fitness Centre, is one of the recreational activities provided for student fitness and health maintenance. It’s the best choice for people who want to look and feel great. The fitness program encourages personal development, enhances academic productivity, and enriches wellness for students, faculty, and staff. College has a well-furnished Gymnasium with the latest machines and exercise equipment. Training Professionals are available for assistance, guidance, and training in order to enhance students’ healthy lifestyles for today and the future. Students are encouraged to use the facility when on the campus during Morning and evening time. The Gym is a popular spot for both sports enthusiasts and the health-conscious.

A fitness center (gym) at Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College is adequately equipped for maintaining the fitness of the students, both mentally and physically. The College organizes yoga camps to decrease the entropy and confusion in the minds of students where mind, body, and soul culminate into a positive attitude, happiness, and peace.


While these are important measures of fitness, they only address single areas. Overall fitness is made up of five main components:

  • 1.  Cardiorespiratory endurance
  • 2.  Muscular strength
  • 3.  Muscular endurance
  • 4.  Body composition
  • 5.  Flexibility


The Fitness Center at Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College addresses these aspects of keeping the body and mind fit. The Centre is handled by the Health &Physical Education department. Along with the various fitness equipment that students use for keeping themselves self-fit, the Health &Physical Education department organizes Yoga Courses for achieving the balance of body, mind, and soul.


  1. 1.  To maintain the health and fitness of the students and teacher by encouraging various activities.

2.  To monitor health and fitness by arranging various medical camps and programs.

3.  To create awareness of environmental pollutants and advice to eliminate the elements of pollution.

Facilities (Equipment)

  1. 1.  Cycling (Orbatic)
  2. 2.  Shoulder Machine
  3. 3.  Weight Machine
  4. 4.  Weight Lifting
  5. 5.  Barbell & Dumbbell (Rubber Coated)
  6. 6.  Gym Balls
  7. 7.  Yoga Mats
  8. 8.  Regular Medical Check Up and First Aid
  9. Drinking Water



  1. 1.  Football Ground. – 100 M X 50 M
  2. 2.  Full Maintained Cricket Ground with Latest Equipment.
  3. 3.  Kho- Kho Grounds – 27M X 16 M
  4. 4.  Volleyball Grounds-  18 M X  9 M
  5. 5.  Basket Ball- 94 FEET  X 50 FEET
  6. 6.  Running Track – 400 METER
  7. 7.  Badminton Court – 44 Feet X 20 Feet
  8. 8.  Table Tennis 
  9. 9.  CHESS
  10. 10. CARROM
  11. 11. Horse Riding With dedicated Ground
  12. 12. Swimming Pool  (Proposed)

Five Components of Physical Fitness

  1. 1.  Cardiovascular Endurance.
  2. 2.  Muscular Strength.
  3. 3.  Muscular endurance.
  4. 4.  Flexibility.
  5. 5.  Body Composition.



Mr. Narendra Singh Chouhan

Mr. Sumit Sharma