Cleanliness And Hygiene Committee


A college is a mini-community where students come for learning. The students have the right to basic amenities, whereas the college must provide essential amenities such as clean and functional toilets, safe drinking water, clean surroundings, and necessary information on sanitation and hygiene. Consequently, the inculcation of Swachh habits is the responsibility of educational institutions. Manner inculcation is conceivable through experience and practice. Therefore, Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College has constituted the Sanitation and Hygiene.


1. To create an enabling environment that secures human dignity, safety, health, and overall well-being. 

  1. 2. To increase campus awareness about good sanitation practices supported by enabling and reinforcing factors that will lead to desirable campus changes.
  2. 3. To combine sanitation, hygiene education, and practical implementation of these aspects in our college. 


The committee has decided the following sanitation and hygiene initiatives and the methodologies adopted would have long-term benefits: 

  • 1. Physical Appearance: The committee will work towards the visual appearance of the campus, cleanliness of the admin block, clean pathways, visibility of cleaning staff, and well-maintained lawns and gardens.
  • 2. Overall Ambience of Washroom Facilities: To ensure sanitation, the committee will inspect the toilets at the principal office, staffroom, administration block, girls’ common room (GCR), and an academic block from time to time to keep them clean, neat and odor-free. 
  • 3. Gender Balance of Toilets: RSB is a co-ed college, and it has required toilet facilities for boys and girls with water assuming a ratio of 60:40 for males and females. The facility to dispose-off sanitary napkins safely is provided in every female toilet. The committee will see that a lady guard/staff will supervise the toilets meant for women and girls during college/ office hours.
  • 4. Disabled-Friendly Toilets: The college has separate toilets for differently-abled faculty and students along with ramps and suitable toilets. The committee has decided to put up signboards and information on the availability of such toilets. 
  • 5. Dedicated Staff/ Teams for Hygiene Maintenance and Inspection: At RSB College, open urination and other forms of unsanitary practices are prohibited in and around the campus. The committee will put respective signboards on the availability of sanitation facilities and the prohibition of unsanitary habits in and around the campus. Also, adequate teams of students and faculty will be formed for hygiene maintenance and inspection. 
  • 6. Canteen and Kitchen Hygiene: The committee would orient the canteen contractor to maintain the hygiene standards of chefs, cooks, cook helpers, servers, washing staff, and dining halls daily. 



Prof. Ramakar Raizada- Principal

  • 2. Ku. Madhuri Malviya
  • 3. Smt. Pratima Mukati