Procedures and Policies for Maintenance of Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Procedures and Policies for Maintenance of Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Procedures and Policies for Maintenance of Infrastructure and Learning Resources

The college has an Infrastructure Cell with various sub Committees that looks after regular maintenance and proper utilization of academic and support facilities of the college campus. The cell submits its report to the Principal. The management allocates adequate funds for the maintenance of the infrastructure every year. Becoming the best college requires sincerity and hard work. Day-to-day maintenance and care are taken by the administrative office in consultation with the Principal and management. There is a full-time supervisor available on the campus who is responsible for monitoring the maintenance of the infrastructural facilities availability. It includes the cleaning of the entire college campus and other infrastructure facilities. Classrooms and washrooms are maintained and cleaned by the support staff twice daily. The College has specified places for keeping sensitive and supportive equipment like water purifiers, water coolers, etc, and maintenance of plumbers, generators, furniture, and masonry jobs. The annual cleaning of water tanks and window panels is carried out by a hired contractor. The Infrastructure Cell supervises the maintenance work. The contractor deputes technically qualified people, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, civil workers, carpenters, and painters to look after the maintenance and repair as per the time schedule.

Building Maintenance

It includes repairs of damages, and intermittent painting of the infrastructure to keep the college building effectively functioning. The details of building maintenance involve cleaning of the water supply line and drainage line periodically basis and painting of buildings and benches is done annually. As per the need, correction of leakage and water faucet, renovation, and repair are done.

Maintenance of Classrooms

 Furniture and Laboratories Classrooms with furniture, teaching aids, and laboratories are maintained by the respective department staff and supervised by the respective Head of the Department. The laboratory assistants take care of their respective laboratories. The Heads of Departments forward a report to the Registrar periodically for all the maintenance works. Minor repairs are registered in a ledger maintained in the office and are attended to on a priority basis. The staff of the respective department monitors the effective utilization of the laboratories. Students optimally utilize all classrooms during the day-long working hours and are also monitored to upkeep the furniture.

Library Maintenance

The library advisory committee works to fulfilling the teaching, learning, and research needs and interests of all undergraduate and graduate students, teaching and non-teaching staff. The library has an experienced and knowledgeable library staff. The library personnel undergoes regular training with modern technologies. The library resources are augmented with the latest editions of study material. The library is stocked with books, journals, and magazines. Books, journals, magazines, etc. are purchased in consultation with staff members, under the supervision of the library advisory committee. The library cell is responsible for the senior librarian who looks after regular maintenance such as raising purchase orders of books, procurement of books, and maintenance of valuable materials. Library cell takes requirements from departments.

Computer Maintenance

The college has an ICT committee is in charge of maintenance and repair, hardware, and software. Agencies that are constantly involved in the upgrading of computer systems with the inclusion of the latest configuration software and IT applications. A Separate computer maintenance register is kept to record the services and repair details. The college website is maintained on a contract basis by the ICT cell.

Laboratories Maintenance

The respective faculty members, staff, lab assistants, and other service personnel are assigned the responsibility to maintain the equipment under their purview. Stock registers, Goods Received Registers, log books, Bill Passing Register, tools, and plant registers are maintained at the respective laboratories to report entries, and defects are considered for rectification. All major repairs are identified and external expertise is sought for the maintenance of equipment wherever necessary with the permission of the Registrar. 

Each laboratory has dedicated lab assistants and attendants. They are well versed in lab equipment work and maintenance present in their laboratory. The types of equipment used in the laboratories are regularly maintained. The stock of chemicals and materials is maintained on regular basis.

Standard operating procedures for all high-end types of equipment are made available to the users. Users register their entries in the log books and they are responsible for the safe handling of the equipment. Breakages and repairs if any, are reported to the Head of the Department or the faculty-in-charge as the case may be and suitable measures are taken for the proper functioning of the equipment. Breakage of glassware intended for use by students and scholars is entered in the breakage register and charges are levied based on the cost of the equipment. The condemned/obsolete items are discarded as per the procedure after getting the report and the same is entered in the stock register. 

An annual maintenance contract (AMC) is sustained for the maintenance of high-end types of equipment and high-end servers and computers

Electrical Maintenance

The college has an Electrical cell(committee) that is in charge of maintaining and repairing the electrical equipment, devices, and electrical gadgets and providing uninterrupted power supply on the college campus. College has appointed an electrician who maintains electrical equipment and the electricity supply system.


A 24/7 functioning Security Guard system is available at the college premises to ensure the safety of students and staff. Security officer assigns the duty to the security guards to control and monitor the college premises.

Maintenance of other amenities

The effluent treatment plants and rainwater harvesting systems are maintained by the Construction and Maintenance (C&M) Section. The maintenance of equipment for water pumping plants, sewage, and elevators is undertaken as per their preventive maintenance schedules and guidelines given by the equipment user manual. The campuses are equipped with 24/7 safe and adequate drinking water supply using water purifiers under Annual Maintenance Contract. Fire extinguishers are installed in various blocks and are maintained by the respective departments with the support of the Construction and Maintenance (C&M) Section. Amenities like canteen, stationery, bank, ATM, and reprography facilities, are accessible for all stakeholders and are maintained by respective service providers on an annual contract basis.

Day-to-Day Emergency Maintenance

Day-to-day maintenance includes daily running repairs, like replacing light bulbs, repairing water leakages – leaking water pipes, taps, valves, and cisterns, cleaning blocked drains, repairing locks and door handles, and other minor repairs that necessitate day-to-day maintenance checks are taken care of by the Construction and Maintenance (C&M) Section.