Minority Cell

  1. The minority cell of the college is formed with the purpose of empowering the minority communities in the college. The Minority Cell basically helps minority students, including Christians, Muslims, Jain, etc. for their academic development. The cell facilitates financial support for students from minority communities, provided by government agencies and other sources. It ensures the protection of minorities and acts as per the provisions of the constitution of India in such matters. It resolves the problems and needs of minorities.


  1. 1. To ensure equal opportunities for the education of minorities
  2. 2. To facilitate financial support to students from these communities from governmental agencies and other sources
  3. 3. To make the minority students aware of the various scholarship schemes of the Central and State Governments.
  4. 4. To encourage these students to enroll in courses, workshops, programs, etc. which the College offers students in an attempt to equip them with the skills needed for their careers
  5. 5. To provide prompt counseling for any emotional emergencies arising on account of any event on the College campus
  6. 6. To provide these students with a grievance redressal mechanism in addition to the regular redressal mechanism.

Functions and Activities

  1. 1. To collect reports and information on Higher Education, the Government of Madhya Pradesh, and UGC’s orders on various aspects of education, employment of minority students
  2. 2. To publicize the various Central and State Government scholarship schemes and any updates in these matters.
  3. 3. Coordinated with other College Cells and Committees such as the Mentoring Cell, Placement Cell, Students’ Council, Sports Council, Cultural Council, etc., and ensure that students from minority communities participate in those activities.

Minority Cell Composition

  1. The Minority Cell will comprise the following members:

    •   1. Two faculty members, at least one of them should be from a Minority community.
    •   2. One of the faculty members will be the Chairperson of the Cell
    •   3. College Librarian
    •   4. College Director of Physical Education & Sports
    •   5. Head Clerk
    •   6. Nodal Officer dealing with Scholarships for students from the Minority community

     The constitution of the Minority Cell for every Academic year will be shown separately on the website

Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities Click here



    • 1. Ensuring an environment where students from these categories feel safe and secure.
    • 2. Making students from these communities aware of the various scholarship programs of the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, Govt. of India, and UGC.
    • 3. Motivating and assisting students from these communities to apply for the various scholarships mentioned above.
    • 4. Collecting data about students who have received scholarships
    • 5. Carrying out capacity-building programs for these students, as per the need.
    • 6. Providing a mechanism to redress the grievance of students from these communities
    • 7. Sending reports to the respective Govt. Departments/Commissions about the number of students enrolled.


Committee Members 2022-23

    • 1. Prof. Ramakar Raizada- Principle
    • 2. Shri Anand Ahirwar
    • 3.Shri C L Malviya
    • 4.  Miss Saloni Tilse

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