Botany subject was introduced at Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College in the year 2002-2003 in which 170 seats were allotted to the college by the higher education department. Botany subject is opted for by the students as a minor and elective subject. Botany is one of the main branches of Biology (zoology being the other); it is the systematic and scientific study of plants. Botany covers a lot of scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, pathology, microbiology, etc. Botany also covers specific sciences that cater to a specific study area in plant life such as Photochemistry which deals with chemical reactions, products, and chemical derivatives in plants as well as its effects on other biological species. Plant Anatomy and Morphology deal with structures, evolution, process, and mechanism of plant parts. Taxonomy is the science of describing, naming, and classifying organisms. New science such as Genetic Engineering which caters to the issue of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), Economic Botany which deals with how to utilize the plant kingdom, and even Forensic Botany, which uses the plant to find clues for crimes.


1.  To impart quality education in all the fields of study so as to make the students acquire an in-depth knowledge of their chosen subjects.

2.  To help students make the transition from technical competence / theoretical knowledge acquired by them to a practical dimension of learning and application to Real-life situations.

3.  To give an all-round development to the student’s personality and bring out the perfection in them.

4.  To make the students competent to survive in the world of challenges once they complete their course.

5.  To transform the students into mature individuals and true global citizens.

Job Opportunity

There are several jobs that you can get after completing the degree BSc botany, some of the job profiles are:

1.  Environmental consultant.

2.  Greenhouse Manager or nursery manager.

3.  Farming consultant.

4.  Plant biochemist.


course title (Biotechnology, botany, Zoology) (Biotechnology, botany, Chemistry) (Microbiology, botany, zoology) (botany, chemistry, zoology)




12th biology
12th biology
12th biology
12th biology


3 year
3 year
3 year
3 year


s no


faculty name

Mrs Priyanka Barde




assistant professor

Departmental Activities

  1. Plantation activity which we have done in the corridor.
  1. Eco-friendly classes in the open.