At RSB college microbiology laboratory was established in the year of 2013. A microbiology laboratory is a laboratory devoted to the culturing, examination, and identification of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, yeasts, etc. The microbiology laboratory has a crucial role in effective infection prevention and control (IPC).


The isolation and characterization of microorganisms inflicting infections performed by the microbiology laboratory play two important functions.

Clinical – Managing the infections on a regular basis

Epidemiological – Deep knowledge of an infective microbe present in a patient is helpful in investigating its source and mode of transmission.

The microbiology laboratory is supervised by a panel of professionals with proper educational qualifications and training.


Microbiology laboratories are facilitated with all the basic and some advanced laboratory equipment that includes:

  • 1.  Centrifuge
  • 2.  Weighing balance.
  • 3.  Microscopes(monocular)
  • 4.  Binocular Research Microscope
  • 5.  Colorimeter
  • 6.  Laminar Air Flow,
  • 7.  Digital pH meter complete with accessories
  • 8.  Water bath
  • 9.  Hot air oven
  • 10. Vertical Autoclave 10”X18” S Steel
  • 11. Digital Incubator SS 18X18X18
  • 12. Distillation unit
  • 13. Heating menta
  • 14. Magnetic stirrer
  • 15. Digital Colony Counter
  • 16. Micropipette