Examination committee


Examination Committee is a body that is authorized to take care of the efficient conduction of all internal and external examinations of the college as per the norms of Barkatullah University and makes policy decisions in regard to organizing and holding examinations, improving the system of examinations, moderations, etc. and also preparing the schedule of examinations and declaring the results.

Functions of the Examination Committee

Functions of the Examination Committee

  • 1. To provide information about examinations to students.
  • 2. To print the answer sheet for internal exams.
  • 3. To prepare Time Table  for Internal examinations in advance and inform the students about the same.
  • 4. To conduct the Internal/External/Practical for all programs offered in the college
  • 5. Ensure that all the question papers are prepared well in advance.
  • 6. To collect the answer scripts and the supporting documents as required.
  • 7. To arrange the External/Internal valuation of the Examination.
  • 8. To publish the result.
  • 9. To allow the Examination Hall/Rooms for all the Exams.
  • 10. To appoint Invigilators for all the Examination halls/Rooms.
  • 11. To upload Internal/External/Practical marks on the BU website for each and every subject.
  • 12. To Distribute admit cards to Students.

Committee of Composition

  • 1. Prof. Ramakar Raizada– Principal
  • 2. Smt. Preeti Agrawal.
  • 3. Shri. Narendra Singh Chouhan .
  • 4. Ku. Madhuri Malviya.
  • 5. Dr. Payal Sharma.