Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College has an art & craft lab where various activities like waste material utilization, painting, toy making activities, wall hanging, pot decoration; flower arrangement candle making, and chart & model making activities are promoted.

Art education may be perceived as a tool for the development of aesthetic sensibility among learners to enable them to respond to beauty in color, shape, form, and movement. Art education and appreciation of one’s cultural heritage may go side by side and reinforce the understanding of each other’s. Art education enables students and faculty to fully experience the joy of teaching and learning. 

It enables them to fully appreciate and experience the beauty of the universe and helps in their healthy-mental development. Another objective of art education is to being student closer to their environment, to them about their cultural heritage and to inculcate in them respect for each other’s work. Fine art would have developed enough motivation and interest among them in the subject. Art education can provide the most satisfying medium of creative expression which has to be given due importance to the best interest of society.

We have an ART & CRAFT lab to enhance students for their art activities. According to our syllabus, we teach the theory as well as do the practical class with a PowerPoint presentation. We have tried to develop their color, sense, the value of heritage, and as well as the beauty of nature. We teach them how to develop proper collage work, and poster design, and the main thing that how to prepare any model useful for teaching learning out of waste or low-cost materials.


Arts and Crafts Lab Endeavour to equip the students with the necessary skills, creative awareness attitude, and imagination, technical knowledge to achieve creativity in the fine arts spectrum. The main purpose of the fine arts room in our institution is for the overall development of students in art perception.

At Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh CollegeUnder the supervision of experience in-charge and excellent infrastructure for students exploring features in the fields of fine arts. Here students get an opportunity for practical work along with the trained in charge. Several extension lectures, fine Arts activities, workshops, and exhibitions are also organized to compose innovative ideas for using waste materials for their better use according to need. With the help of the fine Arts cell, our students enable to make teaching aids easily and innovatively.


  • 1.  Colored construction paper or card stock
  • 2.  Googley eyes – assorted sizes
  • 3.  Craft paint – assorted colors
  • 4.  Small paint brushes
  • 5.  Paper plates
  • 6.  Scissors
  • 7.  Glue stick
  • 8.  Pom Poms
  • 9.  Markers
  • 10. Tissue paper
  • 11. White glue
  • 12. Paper cups
  • 13. Colored dot markers
  • 14. Pipe cleaners
  • 15. Feathers
  • 16. Sponge stamps
  • 17. Hot glue gun
  • 18. Paper towel rolls
  • 19. Toilet paper rolls
  • 20. Jar lids for tracing small circles
  • 21. Tissue boxes
  • 22. Bubble wrap
  • 23. Tin foil
  • 24. Clothes pins
  • 25. Multicolored Balloon stock



  • 1.  Smt. Nidhi Nigam
  • 2.  Shri  Subhash Chandra Sidhana