The under-graduation degree course in Biotechnology has been running since 2011 and the post-graduation in Biotechnology since 2014 at Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College. The Department of Biotechnology sets goals every year for the growth of the department to perpetuate the excellence and innovations in academics in order to orient students to attain limitless heights in their opted careers.

“Creating a useful product for human welfare by using microorganisms, animals, plants and their cells, components, and biological processes that take place in them is Biotechnology.”

Biotechnology is a broad discipline in which biological processes, organisms, and cell or cellular components are exploited to develop new technologies. New tools and products developed by biotechnologists are useful in research, agriculture, industry, and clinic. In our college, the dissertation work is done by the students in the labs.

As per the new education policy, internships are also done in the field of pathology lab, health center, food preservation, nursery work, and mushroom cultivation.


1.  To ensure investment efforts for the development of technologies in the manufacturing of products.

2.  Biotechnology is the use of biology to develop new products, methods, and organisms intended to improve human health and society.

3.  Biotechnology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms.

4.  Modern Biotechnology is a vast and eclectic field composed of Many specialized disciplines that study the structure, function, growth, distribution, evolution, or other features of living organisms.

Career Scope

Biotechnology has rapidly emerged as an area of activity having a marked impact on all aspects of human welfare ranging from food processing, protecting the Environment, and Human health to quality of Human life throughout the world. As we can say that the 20th century was the era of electronics, similarly 21st century can be designated as the era of Biotechnology.

Job Opportunity

Human Health, Animal Health, Agriculture, Medicine, Forestry Fisheries, Mining industry, Horticulture, Flori culture, Dairy, Food processing, Animal Husbandry, Forensic science

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12th biology
12th biology any stream with biology subject


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3 year
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Mrs Parvati Meena

Mrs Sarita Dubey

miss swati sharma






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assistant professor

assistant professor

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