Bagvani Committee (Green Campus Cell)


“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.”

Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College understands the value of the environment, greenery, and sustainability. We take the right measures for it. In our pursuit of maintaining a pristine environment in terms of quality and sustainability, the college has constituted an actively functioning BAGVANI COMMITTEE (Green Campus cell). This cell mainly works to fulfill the green initiatives of the college and tries to ensure that a healthy environment conducive to learning and a natural ecosystem is maintained in and around the college campus.

The “Bagvani Committee” (GCC) is very actively involved in bringing about a positive change in the environment through small measures which can have a long-lasting positive impact. It is about time; each individual takes responsibility for taking care of mother nature seriously and acting toward living in a sustainable manner.


Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College received “One District One Green Champion” Award by Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE), Department of Higher Education, Union Ministry of Education, for its contribution to Swachhta Action Plan.


  • 1. To promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the campus.
  • 2. To develop alternative measures to solve environmental challenges in the Campus.
  • 3. To conduct plantation drives in the campus.
  • 4. To incorporate green protocol among students and faculties.
  • 5. To motivate staff, students and teachers through environmental literacy.
  • 6. To establish an efficient way of waste management and recycling systems.
  • 7. To promote campus into plastic free manner.
  • 8. To decrease energy consumption to enhance energy utilization efficiency.
  • 9. To change the campus into pollution free and environmental friendly manner.
  • 10. To promote environmental awareness and facilitate action so as to work towards creating an environment friendly campus


    • Students and Employees will gain the highest amount of information and awareness of the wider environment around the workplace.
    • Students and Employees will be aware of the environmental implications of various


    • Students and Employees will use resources such as water, land, minerals, and fossil fuels in an efficient manner, and with maximum utility and minimum wastage—by using conservation, reuse, and recycling strategies.
    • Students and Employees will follow disposal practices for different types of waste also the consumption of water and other raw materials.
    · Students and Employees will be aware of other sustainable ways of living that have been discovered by scientists, specialists, and some lay people.



    • 1. Prof. Ramakar Raizada- Principal
    • 2. Smt. Preeti Keer.
    • 3. Ms Maduri Malviya
    • 4. Shri. Ajay Singh.
    • 5. Smt. Preeti Agrawal.
    • 6. Ms Rashmi Jaiswal
    • 7. Mrs Pravati Meena
    • 8. Mrs Sarita Dubey
    • 9.Mrs Arti Maheshwari