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At Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College,Counseling Service is available for students & Teachers. The staffs consist of one counselor and respective class mentors. Counseling aims to promote Mental Health and well-being and enhance self-understanding. The Counselor of Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College will listen to the students, talk with them, and try to find a way to solve their problems. Students can ask for advice about their academic performance, job-hunting, financial problems, health problems, club activities, and friendships. The counseling room is located on the ground floor of the College Building. The Counsellor stays connected with students during college working hours. Mentors identify needy students whereas the counselor tries to establish a good rapport and positive relationship with the student.


The role of the Counselor is to offer support through listening and responding in a confidential, non-judgmental, and timely way, ensuring that the students become productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. They are trained to assess, diagnose and treat students struggling with academic stress, anxiety, depression, social addictions, and other problems they face.

The goal of Counseling is to facilitate positive behavior changes, improve the student’s ability to establish and maintain relationships socially, promote their decision-making process, helping the student to understand their own potential and cope effectively with the problems they face.


  • 1.  To familiarize the students with their personality traits by conducting various co-curricular activities to enable them to the selection of jobs or higher studies.
  • 2.  To enable the students to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their personality. 
  • 3.  To provide psychological support to cope with the challenges of future life.
  • 4.  To provide suggestions and guidance for their personality improvement.
  • 5.  To conduct individual Counselling sessions by the mentors. The faculty members identify the students who need to overcome their psychological problems and achieve their goals successfully. 

Description of the activities

Activity 1

Sessions on ‘Self-awareness and Personality Development’, Counselling Cell organized sessions on Self-awareness and Personality Development for all the UG/ PG students. All the sessions were led by the counselor of the college, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Shinde, and Smt. Vibha Jain.

Activity 2

Personal Counselling to teachers and students. Students and non-teaching staff who sought counseling were given counseling. Follow-ups were also given to the needed students. 

Activity 3

Counselling Session conducted in the college by Well-known Motivational Speaker MR. Nirmal Bhatnagar about stress management techniques, time management skills, goal setting skills, career guidance, and Personality Development

The outcome of the events:

The counseling sessions have helped the students to reduce their anxiety and stress created due to various situations. It has helped the students to have an awareness of their self-traits and the type of personality to which they belong.

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motivational talk


Faculty Member (RSB College)




motivational program


Faculty Member (RSB College)

Slow learning students



stress management techniques, time management skills, goal setting skills, career guidance and personality development.


Mr Nirmal Bhatnagar (Director – Dreams Achievers, Pune, Maharashtra, India

All student’s & Faculty

Free Session


parents teacher meeting (counselling cell)


Mr Sanjay Shinde (Assistance Professor, RSB College)

Parent’s and Student’s

Free Session