At Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College, Botany lab is well equipped for undergraduate students to perform various botany practical which are necessary for the study of the structure, properties, and biochemical processes of all forms of plant life, as well as plant classification, plant diseases, and the interactions of plants with their physical environment. 

Botany covers a lot of scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, pathology, microbiology, etc. Botany also covers specific sciences that cater to a specific study area in plant life such as Photochemistry which deals with chemical reactions, products, and chemical derivatives in plants as well as its effects on other biological species. Plant Anatomy and Morphology deal with structures, evolution, process, and mechanism of plant parts.

College has well qualified and experienced faculties. The laboratory is spacious, well ventilated and are equipped with all necessary instruments and Chemicals. 


There is a Botanical Garden as additional assets to Botany Department.


1.  Dissecting Microscopes. 

2.  Ganong’s Potometer.

3.  Cover Slips.

4.  Centrifuge machine

5.  Respirometer.

6.  Heating mantle.

7.  Chemicals & Specimen


“Pot -Plantation activity” conducted by the students of the Botany, in the corridor of college to enhance the beauty and keep the environment green.