Zoology laboratory was established in the College in 2002, The department is enriched with a fully equipped laboratory, adequate sufficient instruments, etc. to run practical classes smoothly. The laboratory is equipped with a refrigerator, microscope, (dissecting & compound), pH meter, water bath, incubator, centrifuge, fish aquarium, preserved specimens of vertebrates &invertebrates permanent slides, human skeleton, bones, dissecting materials, etc. All equipment is branded & of high-quality special efforts are made to keep the instrument in working condition.


Some important practicals covered during the session may be mentioned as the dissection of animals, permanent/ temporary slide preparation embryological, physiological, and cytological experiments, the study of bones, pests, insects, nematodes and edible fishes and parasites, counting of blood cells, the study of ecosystem collection and preservation of animal species, Exploration of the general anatomy of animals from different phyla through various slide examination and observation of animals preserved in the laboratory, etc.