“In the field of observation, chance favors only prepared minds’’    –Louis Pasteur

Microbiology is the study of all living organisms that are too small to be visible to the naked eye. This includes bacteria, archaea, viruses, fungi, prions, protozoa, and algae, collectively known as ‘microbes’. These microbes play key roles in nutrient cycling, biodegradation, climate change, food spoilage, the cause and control of disease, and biotechnology. Thanks to their versatility, microbes can be put to work in many ways: making life-saving drugs, manufacturing bio-fuels, cleaning up pollution, and producing/processing food and beverages.

The Microbiology Stream started under the Life Science Department of Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College started in 2013-14. We set goals every year for the growth of the department to perpetuate the excellence and innovations in academics in order to orient students to attain limitless heights in their opted careers. Department’s infrastructure is updated and upgraded yearly. Innovative ideas in academics and their implementations are the top priority. The Department has excellent infrastructure and facilities for the students. Despite the running of regular courses like B.Sc. the department also conducts student research projects, training, and internships and also provides a platform to develop innovation and start-ups.

Career Scope

Microbiologists can work in the area of food, pharmacy, Agro-chemistry biotechnology, bio-refinery, environment, pollution control, and bioremediation. In the field of agriculture, microbiologists act as environmental and health specialists to study the role of microbes in plant disease, pest control, nutrition, and soil fertility. In the field of medicine and health care, the work is usually associated with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of illnesses associated with microbes.

Job Opportunity

A career in the field of Microbiology

Research Associate, Biomedical Scientist, Microbiologist, Pharmacologist, Ecologist, Science writer, Food technologist, Professor.

B.Sc. Microbiology experts have high scope working in various fields to find their respected career jobs in industries like:

Agriculture Department, Chemical Industries, Beverage Industry, Food Industry, Environmental Agencies, Research Organizations ,Private Hospitals ,Laboratories.

course title

b.sc (microbiology, botany, zoology)
b.sc (microbiology, chemistry, zoology)




12th biology
12th biology


3 year
3 year


s no


faculty name

Miss Saloni Chouhan




assistant professor


field visit

1- Visited the field of Gram crop for isolation of Rhizobium Bacteria

2- Organized Training program on organic farming

3- Organized industrial visit 

College level seminars

1- Prospects and scope of microbiology

2- Organized Training program on organic farming

3- Application of microbiology in human welfare

4. Basic knowledge about Coronavirus

5- Food processing and its preservation