Best practices

Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College maintain students centered academic environment in the institution for all round development of learners. Some of the best practices adopted in college are presented here under:-

Best practice – 1

Title of the practice:-College level Parents teacher meeting (PTM) – 1. Report’s – 2017-18, 2. Report’s – 2018-19, 3. Report’s – 2022-23


  1. To promote quality education and enhance the skills of the students.
  2. Ensuring the personality development of the students
  3. To honor talented and skilled students for their excellent performance in all disciplines.
  4. To inform about the educational and other activities to the parents of the students and to make them aware of the status of the students by establishing contact with them.
  5. To analyze internal examination evaluation and ensure remedial efforts for weak students.
  6. Staying socially connected with parents of the students and getting feedback.
  7. To remove the shortcoming of weak students and take corrective measures.
  8. Providing platform for talented students to presents their view and give suggestion.


Organizing PTM at college level is a unique effort to enhance the skills of the talented students along with the development of their personality. Though this the college campus works to established communication with the parents of the students at social level, as well as promote the moral values of education at the social level and there is an opportunity to discuss its important aspects with the parents and provides a platform to the students to showcase their best art. In this by connecting with the parents at the social level, possible efforts are made to remove the shortcomings of the students and promote their abilities. The college tries to improve on its facilities by getting feedback from the parents and develops the personality of the students is discussed with the parents.

Practice:- For the last few year, PTM operations in the college have been done in a planned manner. For this, first of all, a detailed outline of the task-ahead prepared and the works are divided among all the members of college (according to their interest abilities ) In this assignment letters to the parents students includes list of students to be awarded. In this, the following students are honored along with their parents:-

  1.  Academically best students class wise
  2.  merit list students of institute
  3.  Students who participated in sports, cultural programs etc.
  4.  Students who are at top in classes.
  5.  Best performing students in class.
  6.  State & national level wise sports player.

The following preparatory PTM work is done:-

  1. Stage arrangement.
  2. Tent, sound system arrangement.
  3. Sitting arrangement.
  4. Tea, snacks arrangement
  5. Photography arrangement.
  6. Parking & entry & exit gate arrangement.
  7. Anchoring work.
  8. Price & certificate distribution work

During this program, all the members are assigned their duties according to their work and all presents their best. In this program students perform according to their ability. The program includes songs, music, culture related programs and currently important issues are discussed. The purpose of inviting parents to the college is to stay connected at social level and make possible the all round development of the students. After getting feedback from the parents, corrective efforts are made in the shortcomings of the college and the program.

Evidence of success:- By organizing PTM along with the academic development of the students, the growth in their creative arts has also been observed. Every year, the teachers parents tried to remove the shortcomings which were hindering (preventive) the development of students and in this college also got success. The students who were from rural areas got a platform to perform their art also created a positive competitive environment. Though this along with the increase in the knowledge of the students, the development of their personality was also possible the students got an opportunity to be honored in front of their parents.


Best practice – 2

Title of the practice:- Greater participation in the field of sports – 1.            2.

Objectives of the practice:-

  1.  To Promote of games and sports along with education
  2. To encourage students to make career in the sports
  3. To promote the talent of the students and give them adequate training
  4. To promote all round development of students

The context:-

Realizing the importance of sports the government has made sports compulsory in the school education, various scheme have been implement by the government to promote sports.  Through sports we are able to develop friendly relations with other state as well as neighboring countries.

Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College believes that along with education, sports should also be important for the development of the overall personality of the students. We also give equal importance to sports as well as education.

The practice:-

Sports committee was formed by the college which selects the talented and  skilled students in the field of sports. Various types of sports are organized by college during the academic year, out of these interested and skilled students are selected and proper training is provide to them by the sport  teacher during the year, college also provide specialized coaching for training to sports students.

In order to promote the sport field newly the admitted students who have given their best performance in the field of sports and get any certificate or rank related to sports during the higher secondary college level are honored by us and such students are given monetary incentive and motivated to achieve best position in sports field.

Evidence of success:-

  1. Increased interest of students towards sports.
  2. The rising number of students who qualify for various state and national team from college.
  3. Increase in the number of students participating in the games every year.
  4. Increase in the number of students making a career in the field of sports.

Problems encountered an suggestions are:-

  1. Adequate space of time for various sports.
  2. Funds for poor students to get education along with sports
  3. Access to quality sports equipment by the students.
  4. Lack of sufficient equipment’s and it is suggested to place old equipment’s with new.