The Rai Saheb Bhanwar Singh College continues to strive towards maintaining a sustainable ICT-enabled environment and serves to provide the resourceful means of infrastructure for the benefit of the student community and their academic and research activities to realize the potential it holds.

Nowadays, ICT-based Teaching & Learning Process and Administration plays a vital role in college/Institute, in order to improve students learning, teaching method, and administration. Due to advancements in ICT technology, it is proved that an increase in students’ exposure to ICT education through curriculum integration has a significant and positive impact on students’ achievements, and in respect of administration, it speeds up the working process due to automation and easy to maintain the records. To synchronize the current scenario of the education system, College adopts the latest ICT base technology and implements it in the classroom, laboratories, office, and college campus.

Facilities Provided by the Department

  1. 1. Design and regular maintenance of the Institute’s website. 
  2. 2. Installation, configuration, and maintenance of LAN and Wi-Fi network in the RSB campus.
  3. 3. Provide regular maintenance on the campus related to IT & ITES (IT Enabled Services).
  4. 4. Provide technical support in the field of IT to each and every department.
  5. 5. Online Admission and Enrolment Process.
  6. 6. Online Payment System (Salary System for Honorary Faculty) Software.
  7. 7. Online Fee Submission through Payment Gateway.
  8. 8. Provide technical support for Online Classes.

ICT Cell Steering Committee

  1. The college established ICT Cell Steering Committee to supervise the ICT utilization in curriculum activity and provide the goods regarding ICT based on demands by ICT Cell Committee.

    •   1. Prof. Ramakar Raizada- Principal
    •   2. Mr. Gyanrao Dhote.
    •   3. Mr. Sher Singh Kushwaha
    •   4. Mr. C.L. Malviya.